WIzard101 Five B.O.X.E.S. Event craftable mounts

Now as the Five B.O.X.E.S. Event has returned to the Spiral, so has the two craftable PERMANENT event Mounts!

In this guide i will show everything you need to Craft the Ravenwood Pogo Stick and how to get them!

So now you are asking yourself: How do i get the recipe for this AWESOME Mount? well, to get it, you need to be Level 10 or higher. When you are Level 10 (or higher) Go speak to the professor in The Commons.

After speaking to him, go to the Telegraph Box in Olde Town, in front of the tunnel to Cyclops Lane.

After going into the Box, speak to Rose Piper. She sells the recipe for Ravenwood Pogo Stick and Digmoore Pogo Stick for 60.000 gold each.

Bought the recipe? good. This is the reagents needed to Craft the Ravenwood Pogo Stick:

15 Snow Shield treasure Cards

15 Sapphire

1 sonic spring

25 spring

25 scrap iron

5 Catfish

20 Trumpet Vine

10 leather straps

Now let’s take a look at how to get these reagents.

For the Leather Straps, all you need to do is go to the Wizard City Bazaar located in Olde Town. There are always TONS of leather straps available to buy here, so bring your pocketbook to do some serious shopping at the bazaar!

Now for the Sapphires. These are also very easy to get. Simply talk to ANY reagent vendor in the Spiral. They sell Sapphires for the low price of 15 gold per! in the Picture i show the Wizard City reagent vendor, Elmer MeadowGrass.

Now the hardest reagent to get is probably Sonic Spring. Luckily you only need one of these for the recipe. This rare reagent is dropped by the different bosses inside the boxes (For Example Frosty Walker) So keep defeating these bosses until you get Your Sonic Spring!

Now for the catfishes. These are fishes that can be caught in THE COMMONS ONLY. They are fire Fish, so use Your fire lure when trying to Catch them. The Reveal Fish School spell is also very useful when catching Catfish!

As you see in the Picture under this text, all fishes get an colored beam over them when the Reveal Fish School spell is used. The marked Fish is a fire Fish, so look for fishes With this color on their beam when Fishing for the catfishes.

When you spot the fire Fish, try and Catch it With Your flame lure! Don’t get disencouraged if it was something else, like a Firecuda, just continue Fishing until you get all the catfishes (Also note that the size of the Fish does NOT matter in the recipe, so no matter if it is a Small Fry, Keeper or Whopper, you can still use it in the recipe.) (Also remember don’t retrieve the lure before it is COMPLETELY underwater!)

And then for the Trumpet Vines. Trumpet Vines are sold by the Gardening vendor in Celestia and Zafaria, i bought mine in Celestia, from Harley the gardener.

If you don’t have Access to Celestia, then you can simply ask a friend who has Access to go there and then let you teleport to him/her. When there, make sure to leave a mark so you can teleport back there in the future! The trumpet Vines are expensive though. (2400 gold per)

And now for the last reagents: Scrap Iron and spring!

These are a little tricky to get but here it is:

1. buy them at bazaar: They are not always available but when they are make sure to buy them before anyone else does!

2. Find them in Marleybone: Scrap iron can simply be found laying around in Marleybone, and you sometimes also get springs from harvesting them.

3. Transmute: This Method is not that Worth it since springs require scrap iron to transmute, however if you have A LOT of scrap iron it can be considered.

So now as you have all Reagents, go Craft the Mount! How? With a Equipment Crafting station! You don’t have that? wait what? You don’t have that? let me show you how then! To get one, we need to take a trip to Marleybone! go to the Furniture and Castle shop in Marleybone, there is where you can buy Your Equipment crafting station for 2000 gold only! Then Place the crafter in Your Castle/Dorm room and CRAFT THE MOUNT! CONGRATS on Your NEW Mount! did i mention it is PERMANENT? thank you for Reading this, this was my FIRST post.


Written by: Ulrik

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