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Welcome To The Wizard101 Online Code Generator (UPDATE) v4.0 2017

Please Note: Codes are still scarce and that’s why we have changed the way you receive your free codes, please stay put for the new version coming up soon.

Now Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE

Please Choose Any of The Tier Groups Below To Begin!

Remember that now you can find codes for crowns, pets, memberships, mounts, spells and more cool stuff for wizard101 completely free and NO SURVEY at all.


Wizard101 Tier 7 Free Codes


Wizard101 Tier 1 - 6 Free Codes

  • Tier 1-3 now forms part of the second tier group and it also includes tier 4 and 5 codes.
  • You can find crown codes and all the good stuff in either one of the two tier groups and don’t forget that they show up randomly.

Good Luck to Everyone!

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  1. Smithk803 May 6, 2018 | Reply

    I am in agreement with pretty much everything that you mentioned entirely! Excellent website document! eagkbfeecbbgdeak

  2. Smithc973 February 9, 2018 | Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing all with the awesome info! I am looking forward to checking out far more posts! becdbeefkfgeedag

  3. jn January 16, 2018 | Reply

    dosent work, website sucks

  4. alynn116 September 21, 2017 | Reply

    Every time I go to either one of the tiers it keeps saying that there is an error and that my access was denied.

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