Ways To Earn Goldins That You Missed

Hello again fellow Gamerz, BiosTerminator here., I’m writing this post to let you all know that we have added awesome, new, fast and overall the coolest ways to earn more goldins at a lightning speed here on ChatAndgames.

There are tons of ways to earn goldins now that you can check outfrom the How To Earn Goldins page, but on this post I’m only gonna talk about the newest and maybe some of the oddest ways that you might have missed.

New And Oddest Ways To Make Goldins

Probably one of the more lucrative ways of making goldins here on ChatAndGames is by becoming a contributor.Become contributor for chatandgames Becoming a contributor has nothing to do with money. A contributor in our terms is a person who contributes to ChatAndGames by writing posts about their favorite games., posts such as guides, walkthroughs, videos, galleries, reviews and more.

How to become a Contributor

In order to become a contributor you have to send us a request either through the contact form or by sending us an email with your ChatAndGames’ username at: contactus@chatandgames.net along with a short story, review or guide about your favorite game.

Referral Program

There’s been an option where you can get goldins by referring people to chatandgames through a special link. Every time someone clicks on this special link of yours, you will get credited with 1 goldins. You can find your referral link by going to: “My CAG –>My Profile” Then you should look under Affiliate Program and you will see your affiliate link. At the current rate, every time someone visits ChatAndGames through your link you will automatically make 1 goldin, and if they decide to create a free account you will get an extra 3 more goldins.

The Goldins Lotto!

Every week there’s a lotto winner. I’m pretty sure you have seen it around the site. In order to participate in the Goldins Lotto you need entries. You get such entries/tickets simply by completing 4 steps plus a validation step so four steps. Every time someone successfully validates an entry the system automatically adds goldins into the goldins pool. At the end of the week we randomly pick a winner who gets the entire pool. Alternatively you can now buy per-activated entry packages from our free shop.

The Wishing Well

We know you spend time validating such entries and it would really be a waste to just trash them at the end of each drawing.

Picture is for illustration purposes only.

So we decided to create the Wishing Well. Your active entries are your probabilities of winning the goldins lotto. The more you have the better. But what happens at the end of a drawing if you don’t win. Well with the Wishing your previously active entries are transformed into Tokens and you can use those tokens to play the wishing well. The Wishing Well works like this. You throw in some Tokens, wish for a number and you get that amount of goldins. It only works with tokens so you must have active entries every week in order to get a hold of them.

The Goldin Rush

This one is not for everybody, I’m sure we all want goldins faster but not many people are willing to do what it takes. We created the Goldin Rush for those who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve their goals. The Goldin Rush is packed with simple sign up forms, downloads and yes it also has surveys. We do offer very handsome goldin rewards for the completion on any of those. You’re not obligated in any way to do the goldin rush unless you really want to increase your goldin balance.


I’m sure there are other ways of earning goldins that you haven’t discovered yet so I’d recommend you to head over to the section of How To Earn Goldins and find out all the 13 different ways there are to make goldins on ChatAnfGames. Until next time, and don’t forget to like this page and leave your comments below. I’m always happy to see what you think. ~BiosTerminator

Written by: BiosTerminator

I've been playing Videogames since I can remember and as a staff member here at ChatAndGames I would do anything in my power to provide you with useful information that will help you out with your game(s). If you're stuck in a game and would like a tutorial, how to's or guide please let me know and I will gladly help you out, you can contact me directly at biosterminator[at]chatandgames.net or if you see me in the chatbox on the left don't hesitate to ask.

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