Use of multiple accounts on chatandgames ( Attention everyone!)

Hello CAG users,
             This is nofear418 and i’m writing this post to address an issue thats very important and needs to be put out there. You may not know this but, me and Bios have been looking into a string of multiple account users on CAG with the help of a staff member on CAG ( not naming who), This person knows who they are. Anyway, the people using multiple account know who they are.

First let me explain because you may not see why thats a bad thing. For one it takes away from other users and it also cheats CAG as well. In the long run this will hurt both CAG and other potential users. This is why its a bannable offense. So anyone caught with using multiple accounts could be banned from chatandgames.


                I don’t want to look like a party crasher so this is how we are gonna do things, I’m gonna give the ppl with multiple accounts the chance to do the right thing. You know who you are. You have the choice to:

  • Choose 1 account to use and delete the other extra accounts and you will lose all your current goldins and start from scratch. edit: You won’t loose your goldins as long as you keep only one account..


  • Take the risk of being banned by not doing anything and keeping them and to continually use them. ( not a good idea! considering we alrdy know who you are.

So here it is, you have 1 week thats 7 days to choose an option. After 7 days if the extra accounts are not deleted, We will take action in our own hands and delete all of your accounts and penalize you accordingly.   edit:  all your accounts except one will be deleted and all your goldins will be taken away, your pending orders will be canceled with no refund and you will have a negative balance equal to your completed orders.



Written by: Nofear418

nofear418 is a passionate gamer. loves wizard101 and knows everything there is to know about it. writes informative posts to help you with your quests in the spiral.If you have questions or need help, she is the one to come to for help.And if you need help you can find her on here or in the spiral usually in wu realm in the commons. for help, private message her on here or look for her in the spiral.

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