Update 61717: It is ALIVE!!!

Yes, I know; for the longest time you thought ChatAndGames was dead and that it had been forgotten and that all of your dreams and hopes on getting free stuff for your favorite games were lost, well today I’m here to tell you that that is not the case ChatAndGames will never be forgotten, it will be reborn from its own ashes as many times as it takes until we make it work.

Yes we still haven’t perfected it yet, mostly because it is a one man show and I’m a regular gamer just like you with no special skills who’s trying to help out the gaming community that doesn’t have the resources or don’t want to spend real cash to enjoy their favorite games, but even with all the issues and what not ChatAndGames has managed to make a ton of people happy which you can see in the Latest completed orders page.

What has Changed?

Looking at the past data the numbers didn’t seem to add up, ChatAndGames wasn’t getting enough revenue to fulfill all the orders coming in, which meant two things: either there was something wrong with the system or there was people cheating the system.

I don’t think anyone would like to cheat on a system that’s giving you something for free right? after all why would they ruin it not just for themselves but for everyone else.

In any case we have taken the necessary steps to prevent people from cheating and also corrected the system to be a lot more reliable, so you can say we killed two birds with one stone.

So here’s what we did,

We balanced the system in more proportional ways:

  • Changed Dollar vs Goldins ratio to 1:90
  • Adjusted cost of items in the shop
  • Adjusted goldin rewards to a more reasonable amount
    please see the updated version here.
  • Added another layer of security,
    if system detects you are spamming it will kick you off the site
    and record your action. Get too many of these and your
    account will get banned.
  • Contest Rate will increase
  • Posting rate will dramatically increase.
  • New videos every day
  • Spot light to the Games Section
    Meaning that guides, reviews, news and stuff
    will be posted on each game section and not
    in the homepage.
    Homepage will be only for CAG, featured posts
    Contests, News and Announcements.

By doing all these changes we ensure that the system will always have enough cash flow to fulfill new orders without any delays whatsoever. With this new adjustments to the system next time you place an order you should expect your item within 24 hours or less.

I hope you guys understand we’re doing this for the better good.

So let me know what you guys think of the new changes  in the comments section down below.

Written by: BiosTerminator

I've been playing Videogames since I can remember and as a staff member here at ChatAndGames I would do anything in my power to provide you with useful information that will help you out with your game(s). If you're stuck in a game and would like a tutorial, how to's or guide please let me know and I will gladly help you out, you can contact me directly at biosterminator[at]chatandgames.net or if you see me in the chatbox on the left don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. leahsataco July 4, 2017 | Reply

    Really excited to hear that there’s still hope for me to get a free membership <3 thanks

  2. Shiv June 22, 2017 | Reply

    This is a great update that will hopefully stop all the cheaters

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