Ultimate Wizard101 Codes 2012

Ultimate Wizard101 Codes 2012

Congratulations on finding this page, you’re about to join a growing Community of Wizards…

Wizard101 Codes 2012Join the conversation on the chat box on the middle right side of this page, make friends, help others with quests and become the greatest wizard of all.

You can find unlimited promotional codes, tons and tons of gold, insanely amounts of food to level your pet quickly and also Crown Robes that you would have to buy through the Crown Shop you get it FREE! here.

Be the first of your friends to get The Ultimate Wizard101 Generator on its two different presentations, the Online Wizard101 generator and The Offline Wizard101 Generator.

The online version works online without having  to download anything or give your account details.

The Offline Version works offline, meaning that you can download the generator and use it even where there is not an internet connection.

You can check both of them out and leave your comments down below.


Don’t forget to subscribe for the NecroForum Magazine; you will get the first edition and upcoming editions sent directly to you email week after week, you are going to find all different kinds of things you didn’t know about wizard101, the subscription is unlimited and is totally FREE.

All you need to do is fill the short form on the top left of this page and follow the easy steps to confirm, you’ll know that you are subscribed when you reach a Success Page and you should check your email within five minutes after that for your first edition of the Magazine that everyone is talking about The NecroForum

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