[Solved] How to Fix Wizard101 Error 110 in 2 Steps

What does Error 110 in Wizard101 mean?

In simple words it means that you have been banned. But do not panic just yet.

There are at the very least two different types of bans that Wizard101 works with: Account and Mac Address/Computer Ban.

If you can log into your account through your browser at Wizard101.com/game then it simply means that your computer’s mac address for some odd reason has been banned or black listed; and that’s good news because this type of ban is easily fixable.

Now if you can’t even login through your browser then it is time to panic because there’s a really good 99% chance that your account (not ip or mac address) has been banned, in which case you could try to contact Wizard101 Support and try to get an explanation as of why is your account banned and see if you can work things out with them. Most of the times this is a dead end but it doesn’t stop you from trying.

Nofear418 has successfully helped a few members of our community in recovering their banned accounts, there’s a small chance but it can definitely be done.

How to Fix Error 110 in Wizard101 in 2 Steps

There are videos out there on how to do this but they don’t really give you step by step instructions which can be a little frustrating for some of us.

So here it is how you can do it yourself in 2 simple steps, there are of course one limitation to this fix tho it might not work on wireless connections meaning that you can only do this work around if you are connected to your modem/router via a cord (Ethernet Cable).

So with that out of the way here’s the short 2 step solution:

Step 1: Download TMAC v6 

Step 2: Run it and change your mac address by clicking “Random Mac Address” and then on “Change Now” as shown in the picture below keeping all the rest of the settings as is.

If you did everything correctly your connection will restart itself and reconnect with the brand new mac address active letting you connect to wizard101.

And there you have it folks, I hope this was useful information for those who didn’t know about this little trick and for those who knew already well now you have another place to go back for details if you need to XD.

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Written by: BiosTerminator

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