Quick Getting Started Guide

Ok, so if you’re reading this you probably know about our FREE Crowns System. And you probably want to know how to get started as quick as possible.

If you haven’t, it’s just simply a system to grant you with free memberships and in-game currency such as gold, crowns, coins etc., for your favorite games such as Wizard101.

You need Goldins which is our local currency, once you have enough simply  head over to our free shop and trade them for crowns, membership, gold or whatever you’re in the mood for.

For a more in dept guide please refer to the Full Getting Started Guide of this brand new FREE Crowns System.

Start in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Create And activate your free ChatAndGames Account by following the link sent to your email. (Make sure to check your spam/junk folder).
  2. Start commenting and checking out posts and also getting active in the forums, as well as joining the conversation in the chat box on your right. Check out the 37 Different ways to earn goldins fast.
  3. Consider becoming a contributor for ChatAndGames.

I will briefly explain those three steps in more detail below.

Create Free ChatAndgames Account

In order to start earning goldins (which is our in-site currency) you need to have a free ChatAndgames account. Once you have created and activated your new account you’re qualified to start earning goldins and to trade them in at the free shop.

To Comment or not Comment

This is the simplest one of the three steps. All you have to do is head over to any post and add a new comment, you get rewarded for up to two comments per post. But you need to be careful, if the comment is tagged as spam or doesn’t add value to the post it will be deleted and you will lose goldins. For more info on this please refer to the How to Earn Goldin guide.

Earn More as A ChatAndGames Contributor

Becoming a contributor on ChatAndgames is one of the most lucrative ways toe earn goldins. At ChatAndGames we call Contributors to those who publish their own content here on CAG. Content such as:

  • guides
  • walk-troughs
  • videos contributors can no longer post videos on ChatAndGames
  • review
  • and anything related to your favorite games.

*Please not that they have to be helpful game related posts.
*Your name will show at the end of each post you make and you will get full credit for it.

Every time you post something you get a fixed amount of goldins plus you also get goldins when:

  • People visit your post
  • People comment on your post

So if your post get popular you could enjoy of an unlimited amount of crowns and membership for your games in a daily basis.

How to become a contributor

In order to become a contributor all you have to do is simply send us a request through our Contact Form (it’s working now :)) with a small sample of your work. Please remember that all writings should be in plain English, making sense and helpful game related topics.

And That’s it for this post I hope it was helpful. Please leave your thoughts down below in the comments section.

For a more in dept guide please refer to the Full Getting Started Guide of our brand new FREE Crowns System.

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