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  • Awesome216q: I play Wizard101 and Pirate101
  • Okanamina5: @Devo11 From what I've read, yes you could earn membership of different durations such as (1 month,6 month, etc.) which is available in the shop with the goldins. @mkayplays Goldins are just simply just this websites local currency, and you spend them in their shop ( to buy crowns or membership in wizard101 or other games. The article the explains what goldins are ( but it's written the same way my comment is. Though I'm pretty late to reply so if you already understand just ignore this, but I'll keep this up for future newbies.
  • 20sasha: Thanks awesome
  • Martin: it was very helpful really
  • HenriIsaac: Thank you! I never knew that!! :D



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