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    – "Hey Whats Up Forum!!..
    if anyone needs help in wizard101.. just shoot me a msg… my storm and ice wizards are ready to help you out!!…
    P S. Ice at Lvl 100 and storm at lvl 60.."View

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    – "for all those who’ve been asking my wiz name s christopher ironfist. i wear all black or black nd purple and on a storm cloud mount. i’m mostly found in the commons area or in olde town around bazaar or the team […]"View

    active 2 years, 3 months ago

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    Sosuke Aizen

    – "Can’t wait for my complete order code to arrive 🙂"View

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    Ronan Kawa

    – "Hey y’all. Remember to keep clicking the adds on this site to generate the money that lets us get those free crowns and memberships. This site ROCKS!"View

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    – "Everyone out there on CAG! I recommend you become an author/contributor! Everytime someone visits your post you get 1 goldin! But remember to follow the rules!"View

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    – "Hi there I was wondering if anyone watched HTTYD (how to train your dragon) ?"View

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    – "@LordRouter Hello. What happened to the site? Did it lose data?"View

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    – "just finished avalon yay"View

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    – "Guys any one of you boughted membership here?"View

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