Monday, October 27, 2014
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Lenovo Twist S230u Assessment - Can Be Able To Work As Both A Tablet And Also A Laptop

Here is the Lenovo Twist S230u review. What really attracted us to this product, was in fact its flexibility in being able to act as possibly a tablet and a computer. This is unlike practically some other device, as the display is often twisted a full 360 degrees permitting a completely unhindered ability to move in watching angles and the display can certainly be folded against the keyboard, basically turning this device to a smooth high-powered tablet. Once folded over, the screen turns into a sensitive touch-screen and has a lively user interface.

Google Has All Intentions Of Getting into The Tablet Market, As Previously Rumored. But Just What Exactly Might The Google Tablet Be?

The Lenovo S230u includes a 1.7 GHz Core i5-3317U processor and also 4 GB of ram, which is more than enough firepower to fulfill many peoples' computing needs and while we ran up to eight different applications on my Twist, it didn't lag or even show any indications of delaying. The Twist also features an Intel HD 4000 Graphics card, which really results in an excellent user experience watching films as well as playing games. The screen resolution is 1366 x 768 and can make every application on the gadget perform crystal clear. We tried playing the most recent installment of the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite, as well as the hi-res screen together with the vivid graphics and also ultra-smooth game play truly brought the game to life with this computer.

In short, the LeapPad Learning Tablet is an iPad for children's. LeapPad items are geared towards assisting little ones learn about reading and numbers, all while playing interactive games.

Another great element of the Lenovo Twist S230u is its smudge-proof Gorilla Glass touch screen display. You'll find nothing much more annoying than smearing limiting the view on the display. We noticed absolutely absolutely no blurring when using the device like a touch screen tablet and this can be a major advantage in our books. It also features a 7-hour battery life and also weighs in relatively light at 3.5 pounds. Although we would like the battery life to become a little longer, we can easily say that while playing games, listening to music and also surfing the net, we definitely got a complete 7 hours, which happens to be more than we are able to say for some other notebooks and tablets we've used in the past.

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