How To Go From 38 to 1,400 Goldins in 2 Days

What is the Goldin Rush?

It’s something that gives you offers to complete in order to earn goldins for ChatAndGames. Go to the Goldin Rush page. It is the fastest way since it can get you hundreds of goldins in a day if not Thousands!
Depends on how much time you have.

In my experience, it was very tough to get goldins fast when I only had 38 goldins. Ever since I tried out the Goldin Rush for the first time, I figured things out with the help from BiosTerminator. I actually earned over 1,400 goldins in two days! I kept going at it the whole time while multi-tasking on other things. It can be pretty addicting. I think anyone can do this as long as they’re determined to! I hope this experience of mine will help everyone since I’m going to explain how this works.

To do this, you have to be logged into CAG first.

There are two links at the bottom of The Goldin Rush page, I’ll explain each one of those links.

Link1: Step By Step

Step 1: It will take you to the page that is called “Earn Goldins Faster” by the name of the tab. These offers will be available ready for you to complete. Most of them are just surveys.
Select one that catches your attention.


Step 2: In this case, what do you do if the first page is the one that has the option of “No Thanks”  on it? Since that page is not actually an offer, press “No thanks” instead. Don’t forget to close the tab after clicking that. It will give you a warning some of the time, but please ignore it by choosing to “Leave This Page”. The real survey will show up in a new tab.


Step 3: It will ask for your email address at first.

Here are the two options you can do.

  • Register a new eMail account for spam only gmail or yahoo are a good choice (recommended)
  • Use your old, unwanted emails.

This won’t work:

  • Googling for a website that gives you fake but real emails such as or emails from (these fake email accounts never work).

Step 4: When the third step is finished, it will ask for the address along with other kinds of information.


Here are some ideas to help you to get a valid address that’s not currently yours to avoid unwanted mail.

  • Use your previous home address.
  • Use the address of a store, restaurant, or any sort of service near you.

A plus tip: You can start using the address you chose, including zip code, from now on for all the offers. It doesn’t ever have to be changed. We all know finding a new address is hard enough.

Important tips on the information you use:

  • Name can be random.
  • Make up the phone number by a legit area code in it with random numbers.
  • No limit on birthdays except which the birth year have to be the age of 18 and up. Elder age is not recommended.

Step 5: Done with the address page? Great. Let the next page finish loading, so it can proceed to give you the reward on the amount of goldins.


Do not answer any extra questions no matter how it says “Please complete the following” or something like that. Please do NOT continue. Close the tab. Exit it completely. I repeat, please ignore the warning that will try to stop you from leaving.
(Close any unnecessary survey pop-ups during the entire progress.)


All you have to do is to complete the email and address page only for each survey you do.
Fortunately, it autofills for you from now on. Your job is clicking and clicking.

Step 6: Now,   refresh the page of “Earn Goldins Faster” after doing all these offers. It will show you how many goldins you’ve earned. Still zero? Don’t give up just yet! You should keep trying to complete some more. They will work soon since it’s your first time.

See the offers you already completed, but they did not work? That’s because either these aren’t the good offer sites or you put in the same information over and over. Ah, before you change the info, do all the new offers first with the same information. That way, you don’t have to change the information repeatedly.

Until everything has stopped working for a while, it is time for you to put in different info. Again, the address doesn’t have to be changed. It can stay the same. Also, please don’t forget to change the email. They all have it on their records.
(On a side note, even though if some offers don’t work, you still can get a lot of goldins from others that works.)

Offer sites that ALWAYS work:

  • ChoiceSurveyGroup
  • ChoiceGiftRewards

(For others, they sometimes work. They’re quite bipolar. Try them again with different info.)

Getting the network error?

Please disable any adblock or antivirus add-ons from your browser.
Don’t worry about getting an virus or anything like that.
I have done these surveys so many times, and my computer is still fine.

Just to be safe, you can clean your computer out quickly after you’re done with doing the offers for the day.

Not getting enough offers?

It’s the problem with your location. I suggest that you use an VPN like CyberGhost or anything else that you’d prefer.
America aka United States is the main source that gathers a lot of offers.
(Connecting to an IP address that doesn’t let you load offers properly? Keep transferring until you find one that lets you.)

Always clear your caches and cookies and don’t forget to log back in to CAG.


  • Do not do any offers from Lifescript. They almost never work. Save your energy from skipping them.
  • If you did the same offer many times with different information, don’t bother with that offer anymore.
  • Do not do any offers that asks for your credit card. However, if you really want to, I recommend that you use gift cards for them please.


The steps are kind of similar there once you get the hang of this. Read below on the offers for the directions and follow them. Check your goldins balance on ChatAndGames after completing offers.

important: Check for Completion Point!!!

Every game, offer or survey that you do will tell you before you click on it the completion point at which you will be granted with goldins.

In our example below we see that in this particular game your goldins will be added to your account once you download and install the game (you might want to run it once just to be safe).

Link 2 Goldin Rush Example

Will I be marked as a spammer and lose goldins if I do too many too fast?

No, you can do as many as you want as quick or slow as you want. Enjoy!

That is all for now, everyone! You may contact me in case you encountered a new problem or something not mentioned above.
Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below here.

Written by: Kishikku

Hello. c: I'm just a girl who is always glued to her computer with dual screens all the time. I'm very passionate about computers, anime, and coffee. Especially coffee. My sleeping schedule is a mess. I'm mostly up at nights or early hours of morning.

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