How to get a good wizard101 pet!

Hey are you looking for a way to get a good resist/damage/may cast pet.I will teach you how to get good pets in this post.But here is what you have to know about pets.There is something called pedigree.Pedigree of a pet tells it how good its talents will be.To get a good pet the pedigree should be 72 or higher.Screenshot at مارس ١٨ ١٨-٠٨-٣٣
As you can see that pet will be a rare one cause of the pedigree (89).To get these good pets first if your a crown user.Buy a sea dragon and hatch with a good resist pet.Hatch until your pet’s pedigree is 76+.After that feed it snacks that give it strength and agility.When you feed it these kind of snacks it gives it Spell proof and Resist.

Vist My next post to get a good pet if you dont use crowns to buy your pet

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