CAG Official Guide on:
How To Earn Goldins

This guide will Not just show how to earn goldins but it will show you how you can lose them as well and try to avoid it.

Make sure to read the ChatAndGames Free Crowns System –  Getting Started Guide.

OK, let’s get started.,

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”]

[su_tab title=”None Transferable” anchor=”nontrans”]
You cannot send or transfer goldins from one user account to another.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”New User Signup” anchor=”newsignup”]You get ₢10.00 goldins when you sign up as a new user. [/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Contact Form” anchor=”contact”]You get ₢1.00 goldin when you successfully send us a message through the Contact Form. Do not spam!.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Daily Visits” anchor=”daily”] You get ₢1.00 goldin just for coming back every day. Of course you have to be logged in to your CAG account. [/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Referrals” anchor=”referral”]You earn ₢1.00 goldin when people visit CAG through your referral link located in your profile; and if they become a member you get an extra ₢4.00 more goldins.


Please note that traffic exchange sites like livelinkcafe and adfly are not allowed, your account will be tagged as spammer and can and will be suspended indefinitely.

You can locate your profile by clicking on “My CAG -> My Profile” in the menu tab of every page.


[su_tab title=”Commenting” anchor=”comments”]

Please pay close attention to this section because you can earn a lot of goldins with it, but you could also lose them all.

You earn ₢1 goldin for each comment on every post or pages all around ChatAndGames.

You earn 1 goldin for every comment you make (replying to your own comment also counts as another comment) and you can earn goldins from up to 5 comments on the same post on 3 different post or pages every day.

You can post more than 5 comments on the same post but after your fifth comment you won’t receive anymore goldins from commenting on that post.

Spamming in the comments:

If your comment is marked as a Spam you will lose ₢8.00 goldins from your current balance “per spam comment”.

You comment can and will be marked as spam when

  • Contains referral link or links to scam websites.

    You can add links and video links to your comments as long as they are related to the current post on which you are adding the comment.

  • Flooding in any way. Such as repeating the same comment over and over again
  • Commenting to complement your previous comment with the sole purpose to increase your comments count.

Deleted or Unapproved Comments

If your comment gets unapproved/trashed/deleted you will lose ₢2.00.

Your comments will be unapproved/trashed/deleted when:

  • Comment is too short (must be at least 5 words).

    Examples of short unapproved comments:thanks, lol, I like wizard101, i know, it helped me a lot, keep up the good job, i like this,love the codes!, yay more codes!,papap,Code, Crowns! YEEEY :D, It’s Working yaya etc.,

  • cursing words are detected
  • None related to current post
  • Makes no sense

Your comment will be temporarily approved after you submit it and in some cases the system will automatically mark it as pending in which case it will deduct goldins from your balance, but we will review it later and decide if it qualifies or not as a valid comment and any taken goldins will be refunded.

If you want to show appreciation for a post, simply press the like button or share it on Facebook or any of the other Social Networks. Buttons are around the post or simply copy and paste the link on your preferred social media from the address bar on your browser.

Please note that these rules also apply for the forum when commenting on replies.


[su_tab title=”Watching Videos” anchor=”watchvid”]

If you’ve been around ChatAndgames for a while you might remember about our Featured Video Section.

Well, this time we have brought that section again but with a twist.

Instead of just being one featured video every so many days we have created a whole section for videos on every single games’ section. You can select a game from our games list to see what we’ve done with it.

Don’t worry, videos will be short. The amount of goldins you earn varies on the length of the video. The longer the video the more goldins you will get.

You get credited for the amount of time you watch the video. That means that if you’re watching a 2min long video and you only have time to watch 1 minute, you will get credited only for that one minute.


[su_tab title=”Polls” anchor=”polls”]

Polls are basically short questions with multiple answers to choose from.

There could be questions such as “Who’s your favorite mod” or “What Spell you use The Most in Wizard101”.

Select one answer from the given list and you will get ₢1.00 goldins just for doing so. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it does add up, believe me.


[su_tab title=”The Goldins Lotto” anchor=”goldinlott”]

Play The Goldins Lotto  to win hundreds of goldins instantly.

Every week we pick a winner from the contestants list who gets the Jackpot. And You! could be the lucky one in our next drawing.

It simply works like this:

You get as many entries as you can to give you an edge against other contestants. The more entries you have, the higher your chances will be. But please note that winners are picked randomly, so anyone with enough luck and only 1 entry could win over someone who has 50 or more entries.

To Make it easier we have added Goldins Lotto Entry Packs to our shop that you can buy with goldins.

The winner gets to spends his/her goldins immediately or save them up to buy even more expensive stuff from our free shop like 60,000 crowns and the 12 month membership for Wizard101. Please remember that items for other games are also available.

And if you don’t see your favorite game in our games list, please contact us right away, and we’ll definitely add it to the list.

To read more details about the goldins lotto please check out the goldins lotto guide, and to understand a little more how the shop works you might want to read the section How To Buy items From the Shop.

And don’t forget to check out all the available items currently available from our Free Shop.


[su_tab title=”The Forums” anchor=”forums”]

The forum is place where you can go and start conversations about your favorite game activities on wizard101 (We are expanding the forum to more games).

It’s a place where you can share your experiences on any particular game and also a place where you can learn and discover new things and make a ton of new friends.

These are the actions that Earn you goldins in the Forum:

  • Creating New Topics
  • Replying to Topics
  • Favorited Topic

You can also lose goldins in the forum due to the following:

  • Creating Offensive, Racist, spam or any form of abusive Topics
  • Creating offensive or spam replies

So make sure your topics have catchy titles to make people wanna click on them. And try to avoid getting your Topics or Replies deleted.

Also create topics that are discussion starters. To have a lot of people talking about it. The more people that interacts with your topic the more goldins you earn from it.


[su_tab title=”Shop Reviews” anchor=”shopre”]

You can now review any item available on the ChatAndgames Shop and every time you do you will make ₢10 more goldins. Please note that you can only review items that you currently own.

Reviews have to be original, for every rejected review you will lose ₢15 goldins from your current balance.

We have a tool to check for duplicated content and we will know if you copied pasted content from another site.

Reviews have to contain at least 50 words, make sense and be related to the reviewed item or product.

And last but not least, reviews have to be spaced in paragraphs correctly, to make it easy for other people to read.

If your review fails to comply with any of these requirements your review can and will be rejected and ₢15 goldins will be deducted from your balance.


[su_tab title=”Get Social” anchor=”getsoc”]

If you combine all the above methods with this one you can quickly reach a high amount of goldins in no time at all.

There is an option in menu tab named “My CAG” when you hover your mouse on it; there will be a sub-menu with all the things you can do on ChatAndGames that will earn you goldins.

For example, when you add people as your friend, when you post in the community activity feed, when you update your profile, sending private messages and a lot more options that are available for you there.

Please note that all these options will be available on the menu tab once you’re logged into your cag account.


[su_tab title=”Game Sections” anchor=”gamesec”]

Every Game has now its own sections where you can find News, Reviews, Image Galleries, Videos and Guides for every specific game.

And same as a regular post, any content in those sections will grant you with different amounts of goldins each and every day.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Contributor” anchor=”gamesec”]

Becoming a contributor means that you get to write your own posts to be published for the entire ChatAndGames community to read.

If the game you want to write about is not listed in our Game list, simply add it by creating a new game which by the way you also earn goldins for doing so.

You get goldins every time someone views your posts or comments on it. With our community increasing by the minute being a contributor for ChatAndGames is the fastest way to earn goldins blasting fast.

You get 1.00 goldin per post view plus another 1.00 goldin per each comment on your post. We take care of the advertising and everything else, all you have to do is write your post.

Increase Visibility to Your Posts

When you add the right category and related tags, your post may appear at the bottom of other posts under the related posts section which will increase your earnings.

How does it work?

With only 400 people who read one of your posts (which is very doable) you get 400 goldins, if out of those people 100 decide to comment on your post you get a total of 500 goldins.

Craft 10 of those babies and you could get away with enough goldins to buy yearly memberships, crowns and other cool stuff for your favorite games and even have some goldins left to gift stuff to your friends.

Now that’s only with 400 people imagine if you post goes viral.

The Sky is the limit.

Send us a Request to become a contributor NOW!



So there you have it, now pick the method you want to try out first and start earning as many goldins as you can to buy your first item from the [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”ghost” size=”5″ radius=”round” icon=”icon: arrow-circle-o-right” text_shadow=”5px 0px 5px #000000″]Shop [/su_button]



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