How to Donate Car For Tax Deduction

How to Donate Car For Tax Deduction

The IRS offers tax deductions for people who donate a car to charity. This is mostly a quick and painless process for a donor. Charities make this process easy by offering to come and remove the vehicle for the donor after a simple phone call. However, there are some pitfalls to watch out for when you donate car for tax credit.

According to the IRS has “clamped down” on the maximum you are allowed to write off. Now the amount of the donor’s tax deduction goes by what the charity sells the car for and what he donor claims the car is worth. If the car

How Does Donating a Car Work

Before you begin the process it is important to understand that there are scammers ready to take your car, and your deduction for a ride if you are not careful. Not all charities are equal and you will not get any kind of deduction if you do not choose a charity that qualifies. If a charity is a section 501(c)(3) organization you should be fine using that charity. To be sure you have chosen the right charity, the Internal Revenue Service provides a list of eligible charities.

The Internal Revenue Service says that you must itemize deductions on your Schedule A of Form 1040 to deduct contributions to charity. They also warn of limitations like you cannot exceed 50% of your adjusted gross income. They continue to warn that they will only deduct fair market value of the vehicle, and not Kelly Blue Book value. So if your car needs repairs, the estimated cost of that would be deducted from the Kelly Blue Book value when figuring out your deduction.

If the amount the charity sells the car for is more than $500.00, the charity must give you a form 1098-C to return with your tax return.

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Along with the IRS requirements, there are certain things the Department of Motor Vehicles will require. You can look for state specific information to ensure you meet the requirements.

Common items they will require is the transfer of the title of the car to the charity. Your charity can help with this process. If you have properly researched your charity and are donating to one on the list, they have been through the donation process many times before and understand the paperwork needed by the DMV. If you are donating to a charity in your local area, it may be possible to meet the the local DMV to transfer the title. The next step is to cancel your registration and insurance. Lastly, fill out a Release of Liability form.

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