How can the Wizard101 Generator Give FREE Crown Codes!

Online Code Generator Explained – Wizard101

Online Code Generator Explained - Wizard101

The Wizard101 generator was designed to help people get free stuff for the now famous MMO game Wizard101 until a few days back it was only capable of giving out regular promotional codes but now you can get all kinds of good stuff from it, how can this be possible? are you guys hacking into the wizard101 servers?

First, we are not hacking anything; we hardly know what that word means.

Second, every time you use the Wizard101 generator it produces a little tiny bit of revenue which in time is used to buy more codes directly from the wizard101 official website, and since we’re getting the codes in a legal way there’s no reason for your account to get banned.

In other words the more people using the Wizard101 Generator the better prizes we’ll be able to add to it and the drop rate will also increase tremendously giving you a higher chance of getting a crown code or even a bundle code which as you know it gives you the option to choose between crowns or membership plus some bundles give you a castle and a pet.

All you have to do is use the generator as often as you can and get 4 sets of codes from each tier group every time, this will increase your chances of getting a good code and also it will help to buy more codes.

Besides even if you don’t get one of the new codes you still get the regular rewards from the normal codes, up to 650 gold and a random item like mounts, reagents, pet snacks, gardening seeds, housing decorations, transformations and rare casting wands (swords).


OK, that’s all  for now people and don’t forget to join the conversation in the ChatBox on the righ where we might run special events from time to time.


FREE Wizard101 Code Generator  

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