Goldins Lotto Drawing #21

Welcome to the 21st Goldin Lotto Drawing .

For those who have absolutely no idea what all this is about; the goldins lotto is raffle kind of thing where the winner gets the pool of goldins accumulated during the whole week.

Right now the cheapest items you can buy from our shop with goldins are at and a little above 296 goldins and such items are Wizard101 Memberships, Crowns, Xbox live Gold Accounts, PSN Cards and more, Robux and a lot more.

Check out all the items you can get with goldins at our free shop.

This Week’s Prizes

Besides the whole pool of goldins the winner will also get:

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  • 15% Discount on his/her next purchase on any items from our free shop.


So without any further ado:

The Winner for this Week’s Lotto is:

[su_box title=”Goldins Lotto #21 Winner!” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ff8d21″ radius=”10″]



₢150 goldins

20% discount coupon


Total Entries: 21

Total Balance after winning the Goldins Lotto for KuroShiro is: 288.36 goldins


@kuroshiro The coupon will be sent to your ChatAndGames inbox and your goldins balance has been successfully updated.

What to do Next?

If this isn’t your first rodeo you probably know what to do next but in case you don’t here’s what’s gonna happen.

All your Goldins Lotto entries have been turned into tokens and those tokens can now be used to play the Wishing Well where you get the chance to get a lot of goldins back as a reward for working hard to get those entries, so everyone is a winner.

Go Play the Wishing Well and when you’re done start accumulating more entries for the next Week’s Goldins Lotto.

In case you haven’t, don’t forget to read the Goldins Lotto Guide which explains how to take the most advantage of this amazing tool that everyone loves already, the Goldins Lotto you can also find information about the Wishing Well on there.


Until Next time,

~ Bios Terminator, Out!


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