What Are Goldins? Insight Explanation!

In this page I will be clearing most of your doubts about goldins. What are they, how to earn them and How can you use them to buy anything you can possibly think of.

Goldins are simply ChatAndGames local currency, you can buy anything in our shop with them.

The way you earn goldins is by simply interacting with CAG through comments and other forms of user interactions explained in the How to Earn Goldins Guide.

How Can I Use Goldins To Buy FREE Stuff? And What Can I Buy With Them?

Your balance should be on the top right column of this page

Pick your favorite item from the shop and if you have enough goldins you can go ahead and buy it, it’s that simple.

For more detailed information on How To Buy Items From The Shop please see the Getting Started Guide.

What can I Buy With Goldins?

Currently there are only items for the Free Online Game Wizard101, stuff such as: Crowns (in-game local currency), Bundles (Prepaid Cards), Memberships and a lot more item that will be added soon.

We would like to add in the future items not just for Wizard101 but for all your favorite games.

And maybe in the future we will be offering real life items like hats, shirts and other cool stuff.

So stay close, you don’t want to miss the awesome features that will be added to ChatAndGames.


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