How to effectively farm sandstone on wizard101

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  This is Nofear418. I’m writing this post to inform you on How to effectively farm sandstone on wizard101.

Everyone always has trouble farming sandstone. It is a rare reagent used for crafting. You can buy them in the Bazaar,when they do have them and also when people aren’t buying them out. Lets face it, buying them is actual work. It’s like a rat race to see who can purchase them the fastest. They are pricey reagents too.

Where is this secret place?

I’m here to tell you, there is a better way to get sandstone. I found a place in Azteca where you can farm sandstone easily by realm changing. They respawn every time. It is some work but not nearly as much as fighting in the bazaar for them and paying high prices.

Now they don’t respawn just anywhere in azteca every  realm change, only in a certain location. This guide will tell you the exact location to find them in every realm change. You will at least get 2 each time and up to 4 and sometimes you will get sunstone in the mix too. A added bonus!

This is where your journey begins…

Once you get to Azteca, Its starts in Zocalo, open your map after going through the waterfall.

It should look like this.

From here you need to go to Three Points which is straight ahead.

Next you need to go straight to Three Points. Once your in Three Points you will see teleporters. One in front of you, one to the left, and one to the right. Take the one right in front of you to The Floating Mountains.

Take the one in front of you to Floating Mountains.

You’re almost there…

Finally, Once you are in floating mountains, Follow the path highlighted in this picture to take you to Isla Del Fuego. This is where you will find the sandstone you seek. And with every realm change it will be respawned. You can repeat this as many times as necessary to get all the sandstone you need.

Follow the red arrows to the place you wanna start farming for sandstone.

Now that your here….

There are 3 possible places that the sandstone spawns on Isla Del Fuego. But out of the 3 places it will only spawn in 1 or 2. so you will have to walk around Isla Del Fuego to collect them after changing realms each time. Thats ok, there is a timer count down after changing realms anyway. Here are the places it can spawn….

The red boxes are the places sandstone can spawn on each section of Isla Del Fuego.( thats alot of places) 🙂

 You’re there! happy farming….

Now that your here, collect your sandstone and keep realm changing and repeating. Now you can collect all the sandstone you need for crafting. Sometimes you may get to a realm with none in it and thats ok, don’t get discouraged, just change realms again. Once you get through the whole realm list refresh the realms and start over.


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Written by: Nofear418

nofear418 is a passionate gamer. loves wizard101 and knows everything there is to know about it. writes informative posts to help you with your quests in the spiral.If you have questions or need help, she is the one to come to for help.And if you need help you can find her on here or in the spiral usually in wu realm in the commons. for help, private message her on here or look for her in the spiral.

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