Wizard101 Storyline Quests

Wizard101 Zafaria Storyline Quest

If you want to start Zafaria on Wizard101 you must be at least level 55 and have completed the last quest on Celestia “Through This Door” which is the quest to do the Trial of the Spheres, the final instance in Celestia. There’s a total of 140 Quests in Zafaria.

Wizard101 Wysteria Storyline Quests

Even though Wysteria is NOT a main world in wizard101, it has a really useful but also really hard dungeon at the end called the Tower of The Elephant. Which is one of the places to farm for Amulets and other cool items. In order to get Wysteria in Wizard101

Wizard101 Celestia Storyline Quests

This is the Wizard101 Celestia Storyline (Main) quests list in order, this is useful for those who want to know the necessary quests to level up faster in wizard101.   1 – Door to the Stars Given by: Merle Ambrose Prequest: The final Countdown Giver Location: The Commons Goals: Go

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