hey guys. who wants mega snacks? i’m sure everyone does. we all have pets to train and although the slow method of bought snacks from bazaar works… its energy and time consuming. so we use mega snacks, which are basically high ranked pet snacks which gives good pet experience(xp). but

Exclusive Wizard101 Strategy Couch Potatoes Guide

Couch Potatoes Hello folks, This is a guide discussing about the crown gardening plant Couch Potato in the game wizard101. This guide has been made as per request and further requests can be made through comments. [box type=”shadow” ]A comparison of Evil Magma Peas and Couch Potatoes had been made

Wizard101: EMP’s-Gardening tips And tricks

E.M.P. Gardening This is completely about  the gardening of the presently well known Wizard101 plant Evil Magma Peas. This particular plant has earned its popularity, because of the highly valuable pet mega snacks that we receive during its elder plant harvest.   It is suggested you read @awesome1 ‘s  Gardening guide

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