Goldins Lotto

Goldins Lotto #27 Drawing

  Hello Chatandgamers, This is Nofear418,It is time to select the lucky winners for this week’s goldins lotto. The lucky winners will be able to use their winnings in our free shop for amazing prizes.   The Prize is! The prize for this weeks is the amount of 121 goldins

37 Ways to Earn Goldins Fast!!!

Hello everyone this is Nofear418. In this post I will be telling you all the different ways in detail that will earn you goldins each and every single day, increasing your goldins balance to purchase something from our free shop. I also will be showing you how you can lose goldins so you can avoid it

Goldins Lotto Working Again! [Update]

Hi everyone, We finally corrected what was wrong with the goldins lotto, apparently it wouldn’t let you validate all parts and for the second and third file some of the parts were missing. Fortunately is back online and you can get as many entries as possible to get a shot

Goldins Lotto Drawing #22

Congrats on making it to our goldins lotto drawing number #22 This week’s winner will get a reward in goldins as usual plus a discount coupon for his/her next purchase from our free store. For those who are not familiar with our online store, we offer all types of memberships

Goldins Lotto Drawing #21

Welcome to the 21st Goldin Lotto Drawing . For those who have absolutely no idea what all this is about; the goldins lotto is raffle kind of thing where the winner gets the pool of goldins accumulated during the whole week. Right now the cheapest items you can buy from

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