Win 5,000 Crowns for Wizard101

The Slogan Contest Ended on July 07 and We’ll be announcing the winner today July 08, so stay Put!   Win 5,000 Crowns for Wizard101 That’s Right! We have raised the prize and now instead of 3k it’s: 5,000 Crowns !!! Enter The Slogan Contest for a chance to win

Pet Mart

I’m glad to introduce another great release from ChatAndGames the Pet Mart, this time we’re bringing you the ability to get only the best and most powerful Wizard101 PETS around the spiral. You will be able to get hybrid pets as well as first generation pets and also you get

ChatAndGames Free Shop

ChatAndGames FREE SHOP You probably already heard, if not you’re about to find out about the best system ever for any MMO Game proven to work every time, it gives you everything starting from memberships, gold, crowns, super bundles, gift certificates, promotional codes to gift cards and only the hottest

How to Earn Goldins

This post is outdated for an updated version visit: How To Earn Goldins     Want to Know How To Earn Goldins? But First You Need To Know The Basics What Are Goldins? Goldins are ChatAndGames (CAG) Local Currency, with them you can buy stuff from our free Shop for

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