Ark: Survival Evolved Intro

Hi everyone, BiosTerminator here and today I’ll be introducing you a new cool game we just found out about.

I’m talking about Ark: Survival Evolved, if you’re the kind of gamer that enjoys gathering resources, exploring, crafting, riding mounts, building, fighting mythical creatures then this game is highly recommended for you.

But Ark is not simply that there’s so much more to it, if I were to compare it to other games I would put it like World of War Craft meets Minecraft meets Wizard101 meets Age of Empires meets COD kind of like all those game put together into this one game.

I don’t know if you can tell already but I love this game and I love it so much that I couldn’t stop playing it for a month straight after I started playing it.

The downside for many would be that is not free nor has a free to play version like Wizard101 does but once you purchase the game everything is unlocked; all areas, dungeons, caves, mounts and pretty much the entire game. One of the cool parts if that every mount is unlocked but you need to tame it in order to ride it and to enter the caves or dungeons you need to be ready to go in, like get all your best gear on and maybe bring a couple friends along.

The price is $30 dollars on Steam and Xbox One, you can get it cheaper via Steam Gift Keys but they do not work all the time.

Official and Non-Official Servers

Another important point to bring up is that Ark works similar to minecraft in the sense that you purchase the game and all but in order to play it you need to connect to a server. There are two types of Servers the Official Ones and the Not so official ones.

The difference being that Official servers are created and maintained by Wildcard Studio which are the creators of Ark. They have Anti Cheat protection and guarantee a 24/7 uptime with no wipes Whilst  the non-official servers are created by people like you and me who decided they would be better off by having their own server and these kind of servers have wipes/resets, no cheat protection and could go down at any time without previous notice also a 24/7 uptime is not guaranteed.

There are some good reputable non-official servers out there with higher XP multipliers and other stuff that makes you advance faster in the game but like I said before, be cautious when playing on these kind of servers since all your progress can and will be wiped at some point in time.

Playing Solo in Ark: Survival Evovled

At first is fun to play solo as you get to know the ins and outs but as you advance further and further into the game it might be hard to defend your base and gather resources at the same time. So sooner or later you’ll realize that having a few friends with you can go a long way if you really wanna take it to the next level.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this reading and I’ll be waiting to see what you guys have to say in the comments about Ark: Survival Evolved.





Written by: BiosTerminator

I've been playing Videogames since I can remember and as a staff member here at ChatAndGames I would do anything in my power to provide you with useful information that will help you out with your game(s). If you're stuck in a game and would like a tutorial, how to's or guide please let me know and I will gladly help you out, you can contact me directly at biosterminator[at] or if you see me in the chatbox on the left don't hesitate to ask.

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