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Introduction to ”Dungeon Blitz”

Introduction to ”Dungeon Blitz”
Hello everybody! This is my first post. I will introduce you a game called: ”Dungeon Blitz”. Its my second favorite game after Wizard101. Dungeon Blitz is a free-to-play, side-scrolling brawler with light RPG and MMO elements developed and launched by Blue Mammoth Games. Click here to watch the official trailer. So, lets begin. In the game there are 3 classes: Mages: View post on Mages shape the powers of magic to their own ends. They can summon monsters to protect them, poison their enemies or freeze them to death!    ajaxinclude(rootdomain+"/ads/random1") Paladins:  View post on Paladins are usually in the middle to heal. These warriors can deal some serious damage to their enemies.  They can also transform their selfs.   Rogues:  ajaxinclude(rootdomain+"/ads/random1") View post ...

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