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Ark Survival Evolved Guide: Starting Out PC/Xbox One/PS4

Ark Survival Evolved Guide: Starting Out PC/Xbox One/PS4
Welcome to our Ark Survival Evolved Guide for people who’s just starting out and could use a little help in getting a basic strategy down. You just woke up at the beach barely wearing any clothes and noticed a high-tech implant in your left arm, you have no idea how you got there and there’s no one around to ask. You see wild dinos of all kinds and shapes roaming around freely and you realize that somehow you have to manage to stay alive. Ark Survival Evolved Guide: Starting Out: Survival Checklist This is a list to keep in mind when starting out for the first time or on a new server. Try to stick to these few things instead of just running around trying to level up in a no so smart way. If you are an experienced player and you know of a good location to build your base and you’re ...

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