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Wizard101 FREE Reward (Tier) Codes Level 7


  • Click on step 1
  • Watch a 4-6 seconds Advertisement
  • If you’re not interested in what the ad promotes, go to the next step.
  • Wait for the countdown on the Top-Right Corner to reach zero and click on the “Skip Advertisement” Button
  • Now you are back here
  • Do the same for step 2 and step 3
  • When you click the “Skip Advertisement” Button on step 3 you are brought to the “Download Page”.
  • You can repeat these steps 4 times every 24 hours for each tier group; time starts running after your last access to the Download Page.

Sorry, Tier 7 Codes are out; Please come back later.



Rewardswizard101 gift icon

This is the list of random items from tier 7 as of September, 2014, for each code you get 650 gold, 1 random item, and the chance to get crowns, memberships and helpful pets; if you get any item not listed here let us know right away in the comments below to keep the list updated.


  • Howling Raiment
  • Viridian Scepter
  • Staff of querent
  • Blue Raptor Sword
  • Ring of Refreshment
  • Scepter of Tribute


  • Earth Colossus
  • Fire elf
  • Gobbler
  • Earth Colossus
  • Wolf Warrior


Pet Snacks

  • Dagwood Sandwich
  • Double Donut
  • Flaming soup
  • Glowing taffy
  • Golden grapes
  • 7 layer taco
  • Chili cheese fries
  • cow pie
  • gummy bloodbat
  • moon pie
  • square watermelon
  • Chocolate peanut
  • Flaming jalapeno
  • Lollipop
  • Orange dandelion
  • PBJ sandwich
  • Sliced watermelon
  • Tiny fish
  • Water biscuit
  • Glowing Star Fruit



  • Bronze gear
  • Lava Lily
  • Spider Silk
  • Stone Block
  • Acorn
  • Scrap Iron
  • Black lotus
  • Fire blossom
  • fossil
  • Frost Flower



  • Tall Pillar
  • Framed Hairdini Playbill
  • Open Book


  • Rugged seahorse(1 day)
  • Sea turtle (1 Day)
  • Snappy Lobster (1 Day)
  • Moonlight pony (1 Day)
  • Starlight pony (1 Day)
  • Sunshine pony (1 Day)
  • Horned Sweeper (1 Day)
  • Seraph wings (1 Day)
  • Bone dragon (1 Day)
  • White Stag (1 Day)



  • Trumpet Vine
  • White desparagus
  • Evil snow peas
  • Prickly bear cactus
  • Venus fly trap
  • Cornbread fruit bush
  • fickle pickle
  • Huckleberry



  • Mana Elixir
  • Gold Boost Elixir
  • XP Boost Elixir



  • Drinking horn
  • Ice mummy


  • Bl3yz3r

    Those who say this generator doesn’t give crowns ->Do you even know what means low chance?You gotta be patient and soon you will get a crowns code.

  • carlyraejepson

    hey stop being like that dont quit wizard101 just because a website didint give you crowns be thankful that they at least give you crowns seeds gold and mounts and maybe a slight chance of crowns if you really want crowns then buy them at game stop for 10 or 20 dollars but dont bring atention to your self -.-

  • Smarthbunny

    I’m not trying this ever again.It does not give crowns/membership.So I guess I will just quit Wizard101.

  • DJ

    Codes :D

  • Tailiek

    You guys can add open book to housing

  • Toma Stef

    the generator is full of bugs…1.i can’t click the step 2 (tier 7) 2.when i finnaly done step 2 it sends me to the home page 3.when i done step 3 i says that i need to acces the page from the online generator… so i never get any code…

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