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Wizard101 Special Promo Codes

Want More Codes?


Tired of waiting? clicking ads?

and doing surveys to get

fully working codes for wizard101?

AIO Wizard101 Promotional Codes


After the new KI update which makes the codes expire in 24hrs

we have came up with a solution that guarantees to give you

new and fresh codes everyday; the Online Generator

and The Form Down Below So Two Ways!


First, The Wizard101 Online Generator Will grant you

with 4 sets of three codes every day completely free,

no Downloads and of course No Surveys at all,

The Only Catch is that you need to watch

4 to 6 seconds ads in between but

if you’re seeing this page you

you probably already

know about that

So you might want to check out

The other way we offer you to get more

and instant Promotional Codes for Wizard101.

Secondly, The form Below:

This form Will grant you the ability to get codes from the

generator even when you have reached your daily

limit for one or both tier groups and will also

increase your chances to get one or more

premium codes that the Online

Generator has to offer, but

Wait! didn’t I mention that before?

my bad; In case you didn’t know the Online

Generator can Produce Crowns, Memberships

and Pet Codes and as if that wasn’t enough you could

even find Bundles in there too

So Hurry and get your Promo Pack Now!

Because we might need to take this offer down very soon.


  • Dustin EmeraldPyre

    I need either some crowns, membership, or mounts! Please, I’m falling behind and my friends are getting ahead! I need to catch up to them!

    If someone could give me a generated crown/membership code or two, I’ll be psyched!

  • jordan

    i only get gold nothing else literally only gold and some reagents i want a membership code thats it but no 3 months of this its ridiculous

  • Mohamed Salem

    any one plz blaze lifeflame need pack or gift or guardians armor

  • Mohamed Salem

    any one got a rare prize send to me any gift i am too poor plz all balze lifeflame

  • Mohamed Salem

    my name is blaze life flame plz send to me gift plz plz

  • erik

    i have gotten three permanent mounts!

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