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Welcome To The Wizard101 Online Code Generator v1.5 (UPDATED) 2013

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Please Choose Any of The Tier Groups Below To Begin!

Remember that now you can find codes for crowns, pets, memberships, mounts, spells and more cool stuff for wizard101 completely free and NO SURVEY at all.

FIRST GROUP TIER 7Wizard101 Tier 7 Free Codes

SECOND GROUP TIERS 1 through 6 Wizard101 Tier 1 - 6 Free Codes

  • Tier 1-3 now forms part of the second tier group and it also includes tier 4 and 5 codes.
  • You can find crown codes and all the good stuff in either one of the two tier groups and don’t forget that they show up randomly.

Good Luck to Everyone!

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  1. Tobias796 says:

    Guy’s he’s doing the best he can, just be patient because there is crown codes in, you just need to get lucky

  2. striker360 says:

    Pleas e put crown codes in teir 7!!!!! i really need crowns

  3. BiosTerminator says:

    Hwy guys,

    Just to let you know; tier 6 will be available in the next couple hours.

  4. Roy Moon says:

    I still have no memberahip codes.

  5. Roy Moon says:

    I keep getting random codes no membership or crown codes. I’ll tune in at 6:00 a.m in the morning.

  6. :(( i’m late,,today 7 april :((
    guys do u know when it works again?

  7. it’s like only 1 person in the world got the crowns code. I:

  8. plz put more crowns and emmebrships codes in there o. o i need it sooooo bad right now.

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