Wizard101 Glitches in the towers in Ravenwood

by May 30, 2013

Hi, I am going to tell you the glitches in the towers in Ravenwood.

First of all, of course, go to Ravenwood. Second, go visit the towers. The first tower that pops in my head is the fire tower. There is a glitch that when you enter, you see a stack of books near the picture. There a paper sticking out of that book, step on it. Then you are up on the top.

Second to my mind is the life tower, there use to be a secret room, but they fixed it now.

Third to mind is the myth tower. You enter and see the picture of drake. Go behind the desk, there is a two stand thingy, holding the shelf up on top. Go to the right side the stands, the right side of when you enter. Go like three times to try to go through the stand thingy.

Then after the third time you are up there. I don’t really know that many tower glitches because a lot are fixed.  But other then that,  Balance tower I do not think you can glitch the tower. That is all I got now, tell me if you know anymore.

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