Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Wizard101 FREE Crowns System Update

For those of you who don’t know yet, we’re working on a free crown system that will allow you to get not just FREE crowns for Wizard101, but also all the other goodies like Membership and bundles and a lot more items that we’ll be adding to the CAG Store.

So check out the details and progress of this project below:

  • Specs
  • Compatibility
  • Release Date
  • 100% FREE
  • Goldins are Back
  • Trade your easily earned Goldins in the CAG store for amazing Wizard101 products.
  • Earn Goldins by referring people to CAG
  • Earn Goldins by commenting and replying to posts and helping other people on CAG
  • Earn Goldins by browsing CAG
  • Basically you earn Goldins for all the things you’re already doing on ChatAndGames
  • Since this is an Online Based Aplication it is compatible with all the latest operating systems like, Windows, MAC, Linux etc.,
  • And of course it is also compatible with all the mayor Web Browsers such as IE, Safari, Chrome, FIrefox etc.,
  • If you can play Wizard101 on your computer you can use this.
  • Right now only Wizard101 products will be available
  • But we’ll be adding stuff for other games in the future
We would love to release this as soon as right now but unfortunately the system is not ready yet; it needs a little bit more tweaking and we don’t really have a specific release date but we’ll let you guys know of the progress in a few more days.

If you want to be notified as soon as we launch this new system all you have to do is enter you email address below.


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    i have a thing that says your balance, is this it?