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Wizard101 Free Crowns System Explained!

FREE Crowns System Beta 0.2

For all those who have been waiting, the Wizard101 Free Crowns System has Officially launched its beta version 0.2; and any wizard can plug into it to start earning FREE Crowns for Wizard101.

First and foremost this is NOT a cheat, download, hack or any type of glitch. And of course you will NOT have to do any types of surveys at all (Optional).

This only works Online and Only through the ChatAndGames.Net Official Website.

The way this system works is quite simple., it’s based around our local currency (goldins), which you can earn for FREE. Once you have enough goldins head over to the Shop and buy your Crowns, bundle or whatever you’re in the mood for.

Make sure to read the getting started guide for a more detailed explanation about how to work your way around the shop.

Wizard101 Free Crowns

The fastest way to earn goldins is by the use of Jumping Links whose value will vary and you can earn up to 20 goldins for every single link.

Update 10/11/2014: Jumping Links have been disabled due to the fact that some people used the proxy too much and we got banned from the account we were getting the Jumping Links from.

Check out all the ways you can earn goldins with, in the How To Earn Goldins Page.

Commenting is also a very lucrative way to earn goldins, but it also a very dangerous method because it could drain your goldins in an instant  if you’re not careful and all you do is spam and post random nonsense comments.

Stay alert for new posts, because there are going to be ones that will grant you with random amounts of goldins.

Also be sure to check out the ad banners all the way at the top of the site; right next to the logo, on the right column and all the way at the bottom.

Those places will randomly display pictures or text that once clicked will grant you with up to 20 goldins with only one link. How do you identify those links? Since they look just like any other ad it would be really hard to tell, and that’s the fun part.

This Wizard101 Free Crowns System is not about Luck, it’s about how hard do you really want it and how hard are you willing to work for it.

Yes you get the stuff for free because you don’t have to pay money for it, but you do have to put in a little effort to earn it.

That’s it for this section folks, don’t forget to like and comment.





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    you can tell someone not to spam, and the can loose their cash for it, but it wont stop them

  2. Profile photo of michael

    the whole Golding gig is awesome i admit but it seems to me that no matter how easy the task, people are always trying to find a shortcut towards their goal, like posting repetitive comments right below another comment that in many ways is saying the same thing.

  3. Profile photo of Jeffery Pasta

    I love my profile picture, it’s cute

  4. Profile photo of Jeffery Pasta

    I cant believe I didnt know about this sooner, its so cool

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