Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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Wizard101 Code Generator

Welcome To The Wizard101 Online Code Generator (UPDATE) v2.0 2014

IMPORTANT: Codes are now scarce and the gen cannot supply as many as before so please check often, as always you can purchase as many wizard101 codes as you want and you also get a way higher drop rate in Crowns, Membership, Pets and Bundles, than ever before.

(FREE Crowns System Just Released!)


Now Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE

Please Choose Any of The Tier Groups Below To Begin!

Remember that now you can find codes for crowns, pets, memberships, mounts, spells and more cool stuff for wizard101 completely free and NO SURVEY at all.

FIRST GROUP TIER 7Wizard101 Tier 7 Free Codes

SECOND GROUP TIERS 1 through 6 Wizard101 Tier 1 - 6 Free Codes

  • Tier 1-3 now forms part of the second tier group and it also includes tier 4 and 5 codes.
  • You can find crown codes and all the good stuff in either one of the two tier groups and don’t forget that they show up randomly.

Good Luck to Everyone!


  1. Profile photo of John Durr

    Please people. Give the makers of this gen time. They will fix it when they are ready.

  2. Profile photo of kaytra830

    The generator used to be very useful, however the problems are now annoying others.

  3. Profile photo of Rockspider

    could you guys please make more codes please I did not get not one code from this

  4. Profile photo of Leonkennedy20

    This would be useful if it actaully worked

  5. Profile photo of Leon

    though this is a good idea. they are busted almost always.

  6. Profile photo of Devon Sargent

    I want codes that work please fix, this site Is bad without

  7. Profile photo of gg

    UR right its broken and dosent work darn

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