Monday, September 22, 2014
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The New and Improved Wizard101 Online Code Generator

Massive Fantacy Palace - Wizard101

 We have done it again and this time you won’t believe what we came up with.

After fixing all the errors in the previous version of our beloved Wizard101 Online Code Generator we decided to add a little twist to make it even more awesome XD

drum roll please….

Besides the regular rewards from each tier group now you have the chance  to find more valuable codes like for example:

  • Membership Codes
  • Crown Codes
  • Bundle Codes

And the best part is that it’s still FREE and doesn’t require surveys at all.

As you already know the bundles include all different types of amazing stuff like Massive Fantasy Palace,  Amazing Pets, spells and more rare items that you wouldn’t be able to get without wasting some cash.

The new codes drop randomly and can be acquired from either tier 1-6 or tier 7 respectively.

These codes are bought directly from the wizard101 website hence you CAN’T be banned for using them.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy Wizard101 to its fullest without wasting any money out of your pocket and why not make some new friends along the way in the Wizard101 Public Chat.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below when you get one of the new codes.

Also don’t forget that the more people who uses the Online Code Generator the more chances for you to get better prizes.

All you have to do next is go the Wizard101 Online Code Generator choose your favorite tier group and start getting  some codes.


Good luck to everyone and see you around in the spiral.

  • Noah Silver Sword

    plz fix the error tier 7 nd 1-6 does not work to tier 7 says they r out of code nd tier 1-6 says cannot connect to server

    • J0k3R

      lol hellooooooo random person XD
      i just wanna let you know that they are working on a new update … crown generator? idk they made post about it XD buuuuuuuuut we are gonna have to let them take heir ime because its hard for them to do it, they are working on a few things buuuut theeeee point is that when they gonna update, its gonna be waaaay diffrernt, ty for your time random person :{D

  • hadi1345

    i got a membership code


    so boss I use it when I can :) I want to do teir 1-6 but it is almost always out :( keep workin on it!!

  • cole

    does it give mega pet snacks?

  • cole

    does it give mega pet snacks?

  • Amir


    • Amir

      I KNOW IT 100% works