The Goldin Rush allows you to get free goldins through a few different methods such as:

  • Filling out Short Forms
  • Playing Games
  • Surveys
  • Trials

You will find that the most common method is the first one “Filling out Short Forms” that’s why I will reveal a few tools that will help you successfully complete all the Short Forms in record time time.

  1. LastPass
  2. RoboForm

They both do the same thing, fill out forms automatically and save passwords. I personally recommend Lastpass. They’re both user friendly so I’m sure you’ll get the hang of any of them really quick.

Some Forms are for joining Raffles for iPads, iPhones and Such so on the first page they may ask your email then on the second page you may have to complete a short form with data such as address, phone etc., for which Lastpass will come in handy.

Should I Use Real Info?

Even though real info is recommended to get a shot of winning the prizes is not absolutely necessary if you don’t care for any of the raffle prizes that the forms promote.

How Does it Work?

Below you will find Two Links. There’s no limit on the amount of goldins you can earn from each one of them.

  • In order for this to work you have to be logged into your ChatAndGames Account
  • Click on the first link below and you will be sent to another page
  • On that page you will find tons of forms ready to be filled out among with the other methods as well.

And that’s pretty much it, every time you successfully complete a form, offer, survey or game download you will be credited with the amount of Goldins specified there.

So, stop wasting any more time and get started right NOW!

You need to register or login to enable the links below.

Link1  |  Link2

Don’t forget to check your goldins balance and check out the available items in our shop where you can trade your hard earned goldins for amazing prizes.


Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. Talha W January 21, 2017 | Reply

    is it just me or the goldin rush isnt working anymore?

    • Talha W January 21, 2017 | Reply

      ah never mind it was a log in error

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