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Goldins Lotto #28 Drawing

The moment that all of you have been waiting for is here because today we’ll be announcing the 3 lucky winners for our weekly Goldins Lotto. Prizes are: 1 x pouch with 300 goldins 1 x 10% off coupon and Free tokens to play the Wishing Well So without any further

Ark: Survival Evolved Intro

Hi everyone, BiosTerminator here and today I’ll be introducing you a new cool game we just found out about. I’m talking about Ark: Survival Evolved, if you’re the kind of gamer that enjoys gathering resources, exploring, crafting, riding mounts, building, fighting mythical creatures then this game is highly recommended for

Goldin Rush [Update 9/13/2016]

As you all know we had a little step back with the Goldin rush a couple months ago, so in this post I will explain what went wrong and how can you still use it to keep an steady goldins balance. The Goldin Rush is intended to exchange a minute of

Wizard101 Jewels and Their Works

Wizard101 Jewels and Their Works Im writing this post to inform you about wizard101 jewels and how they work. What are these jewels you say? Jewels are what are used to enhance your equipment. However, you can only enhance your athames, amulets, rings, and decks. There also jewels for your

Hatching Giveaway

Giving away the chance for people to hatch with these pets. 5 winners. All you gotta do is comment the pet you want and you’ll be entered into the giveaway.


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