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Get FREE Wizard101 Codes – New Method Just Released

Get FREE Wizard101 Codes – New Method Just Released

by BiosTerminatorMay 30, 2013

We never get tired of adding new things to ChatAndGames and now we’reFree Wizard101 bringing you a whole new system where you’ll be able to get advantages over other players and dominate the spiral and Conquer the PVP Arena.

I’m talking about Free Bundle Codes For Wizard101, Crowns and all the cool stuff.

How do you get the free stuff? simply by joining the contests that we’ll be hosting.

Make sure to read the Contest Tool FAQ for more detailed information.

In order to be one of the contestants you need to register as a new user of

As a Registered User you will be able to participate in every future contests and events offered by ChatAndGames.NET

Prizes will be sent to the registered email address only; no exceptions.

If you would like contests more frequent please let us know in the comments section below but take in consideration that the longer the contests take the better prizes we can offer to the winner(s).

There is by default First Place only but if we get enough people we can increase that up to First, Second and Third place.

Please don’t create multiple accounts or you could be disqualified from the current and future contests.

’til next time.

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