How to get FREE elixirs for Wizard101

by SkylarMarch 25, 2015

In this guide I’ll be showing you how to get FREE elixirs for Wizard101!

The best way to actually get them is by going on freekigames.com/grub-guardian and playing that exact game – Grub Guardian!

How does this game work?

Basically, you log into it with your wizard account and select the pet you want as your main tower that you place on the beginning of the game. You have a food tray that you need to defend in order to get the best score possible. There’s a tutorial, so surely you’ll get the hang of it!

Maps Suggestions in Grub Guardian

Now that we’ve covered how the game works, I’ll tell you which maps in the game, Grub Guardian, you’ll need to play! The best maps for the elixirs would be Grizzlehiem, Celestia and Dragonspyre.

Of course, the other maps work, but it’s a lower chance of getting an elixir! You’ll need to get a good score, and once you’ve got it you have the chance of getting an elixir! You can get any elixir possible, but it is a rare drop!

It is still worth it though! On the following picture you’ll see which elixirs I’ve got so far:


I’ve got each elixir from a different map!

Example: The Health Elixir from Grizzlehiem.

Or any map in general!

You’ll need great patients for this, and shortly put: you gotta farm the maps!


  • Train your pet to the highest level it can be, the higher level the better
  • Use power ups to have a higher chance of winning.
  • In some maps a specific guardian works the best, even if it is the weakest. (Myth guard for Grizzlehiem last map)

Not to burst your bubble, but this isn’t as easy as it sounds! If you’re lucky enough you could get something better than elixirs! Some people said they found packs! Now isn’t that awesome?

Anyways, that would be it from me!

Peace out~

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