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We’ve been giving away FREE Codes to everyone for quite a long time now.

And Here’s some of the feedback we have received:

"Thanks for the codes they really helped me out a lot. 
I'm glad you guys give out free codes its amazing!!"
"I love using chat and games its fun to chat with everyone 
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 People Know who we are and they trust us not because we give them stuff for free but because they know how to appreciate the value in our service, and they know We Deliver.


Here at ChatAndGames we understand your problems.

We know how frustrating and time consuming it is to have to wait in line at walmart or any other Wizard101 Card retailer for that matter.

And it gets even more frustrating when you live outside the US.

Because as you probably already know Wizard101 Bundles, prepaid cards and Magazine Codes are only available in the US.

We’ve been there, we know exactly how you feel and we want to help.

By using our service you will benefit from the massive amount of value Offered by our Special Packages, involving:

Tons of Crowns, The Most Extravagant Mansions and Castles, Hundreds of Thousands of Gold, Mystical Gear, Powerful Swords, the most helpful Pets and The Fiercest Mounts.

We’ll go out there to hundreds of stores and find your requested bundles and set them on the table for you, Guaranteed!

Our system has been perfected to the extent that nobody has to wait longer than a few hours to get their requested bundle.


 We are introducing the Golden Pack, everything you’ve ever wanted packed together in one place and ready for you to take on everything and everyone who dares to take you up on a Battle.

Buy The Golden Pack  RIGHT NOW! and we’ll throw in an Amazing bonus Completely FREE:

50,000 gold

That much gold sells in the crown shop for 27,000 Crowns a total value of $50 dollars real money. And we’re giving it to you totally free, only if you take advantage of this exclusive offer.

[ez_box title=”What else do you get with this Golden pack?” color=”blue”]

  1. Spiral Cup Bundle (The Newest Bundle)
  2. Build-A-Castle Plot and Pieces
  3. Arcane Handcar Mount
  4. Twin Arcane Automatons Pet
  5. Arcane Smith’s Gear
  6. Arcane Smith’s Hammer
  7. 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns
  8. 25 Magazine Codes (Scarce)
  9. An Extra 16,000 Gold
  10. 25 Random Items
  • Mystic Gear
  • Powerful Looking Swords
  • Loyal Mounts
  • and much more


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