37 Ways to Earn Goldins Fast!!!

Hello everyone this is Nofear418.

In this post I will be telling you all the different ways in detail that will earn you goldins each and every single day, increasing your goldins balance to purchase something from our free shop.

I also will be showing you how you can lose goldins so you can avoid it and reduce the chance to being penalized with up to 95% deduction on your balance.

So without any further ado here are the 37 known ways to earn goldins fast here on ChatAndGames.

1. Registration

You get +10 goldins simply by registering a free account.

Multiple accounts per user are not allowed!

2. Daily Visits

+0.25 goldins for coming back every day

Viewing Content

You can earn a lot from this one since it breaks down into different categories as shown below:

*Please note that you only earn once per post.

3. Viewing posts
+0.025 goldins just for checking out a post.

*Spamming post views will raise a flag in your account and you can lose all of your goldins.

4. Viewing Pages
(a page looks just like a post with the only difference that it contains more static info related to CAG. A good example would be the Goldins Lotto page),
+0.025 per view 

5. Viewing Games
(just for checking out game’s info Link on menu tab)
+0.025 per view

6. Viewing Game Reviews
(Located in the game’s tab)
+1 per view

7. Viewing Game Guides
(Located in the game tabs )
+0.025 per view

8. Viewing Game Galleries (Pictures)
(Located in the game tabs )
+0.025 per view

9. Viewing Videos
(Located in the game tabs and also on any post or page where you find a video)
+0.025 per view +0.025 for every 30 seconds of the length for that video
Must be in a post, videos in the homepage or anywhere else other than posts won’t credit any goldins.

10. Viewing Events
(There will be a  tab on the main menu for all the ChatAndGames new events such as contests, polls, goldins lotto draws, and more)
+0.025 per event view

Publishing Content (Contributors)

(This one is for those who have decided to become a contributor here on ChatAndgames. Contributors make goldins instantly when posting content plus they get goldins each time someone views their posts and when people comment on it).

11. Goldins for Approved Post
+1 per approved post + 0.0225 per view + 0.0225 per comment
(note: must be in the right category otherwise it will be rejected. get three rejections in a row and your contributor privileges will be revoked.)

12. Goldins for Publishing a New Game
+1 for adding a new game + 0.0225 per view + 0.0225 per comment
(note: when adding a new game, it must be a game that you play and can add content to it)

13. Goldins for Writing a Game Review
+1 per review
(note: you must own that game and have played it in order to add a game review)

14. Goldins for Writing a Gaming Guide
+1 per guide + 0.0225 per view +0.0225 per comment

15. Goldins for Creating a Gallery
(Each gallery should contain no less than 10 unique pictures related to the game you’re uploading them for.)
+0.25 per gallery + 0.0225 per view

16. Goldins for Posting a New Video
(Please note, you will get 1 goldins for every new video that you post plus you will get a residual incoming 0.0225 goldins everytime someone checks out your video post, you will not get goldins when people actually watch the video).
+1 per video post + 0.0225 per view

Goldins for Comments

17. Approved Comment
(applicable only to posts).
+0.0225 per comment

18. Goldins for Sharing your CAG Link
(In your profile you get a special and unique link that every time someone clicks on it you get goldins, please note: high amounts of traffic to your link must be justified.)
+0.0225 per click
(ChatAndGames reserves the right to modify this amount accordingly without notice)

19. Referring New Members
(Every time someone register for a new account after clicking your link)
+0.25 for referring a new member


20. Goldins for Viewing Forums
(When you go into different sections of the forum those are also called forums, you get goldins each time you visit each one of them).
+0.0225 per view

21. Goldins for Creating a New Topic
(Anyone can create new topics even if you’re not a contributor, You get goldins for creating a new topic in any of the forums plus you get goldins everytime people view and favorite your topics)
+0.0225 per topic + 0.0225 per view +0.10 favorite topic

22. Goldins for Viewing a Topic
(Every time you view a topic)
+0.0225 per view

23. Goldins for Favorited Topic
(Everytime your topic gets favorited)
+0.0225 per Favorited topic

24. Goldins for New Reply
(Every time you reply to a new topic)

Goldins Lotto

The goldins lotto is more like a raffle that we have every week in which the winner gets to keep all the accumulated goldins.

In order to enter the goldins lotto you need lotto entries, for every single one of those entries the pool increases between 0.10 to 0.5 goldins. The winner gets picked randomly but the more entries you have the higher are your chances of winning.

In a normal week the pool could have anything between 50 to 300 goldins; the longest it takes to draw a winner the higher the pool gets.

The Goldin Rush

The Goldin Rush is probably not one of the favorites in the crowds even tho is one of the most profitable ways to earn goldins fast.

You can earn anything between 10 to 100 goldins in one single pop!

It consists of a variation of methods that do require you to input some information (not necessarily real info). Anything from filling out short forms with your email, downloading and trying new games to completing surveys.

You should definitely give this one a try.

Socializing on CAG

25. Posting on your wall

26. Goldins for New Avatar
(Once a week)

27. Goldins for New Friendships
(Every time someone adds you or accepts you as a friend)

28. Goldins for Commenting in the CAG Site wide Social

29. Goldins for Sending a New Message
(You can send private messages to friends and CAG Staff)


30. Creating a New Group

31. Group Forum Topic
(Each group can have its own forum)

32. Editing Group Forum Topic

33. New Group Forum Post

34. Editing Group Forum Post

35. Joining a Group

36. New Group Avatar
(Once a week)

37. New Group Comment


Comments Spam
(Spam comments are those who don’t add anything useful to the post also posting or flooding with the same text multiple times in the same post or the same comment over and over on different posts will get your comment marked as spam note: heavily spamming the comments section can get you penalized with up to 95% deduction from your goldins balance)
-2 per comment

Trashed/Unapproved/Deleted Comments
(No Cursing allowed, also comments need  to have at least four words anything shorter than that will be Unapproved and your comment will be deleted, if you like the post or just want to say thanks, hit the like button and share it)
-0.05 per comment

Goldins For Deleted Forum Topic
(If you create a new topic that doesn’t follow the forum rules, it will be deleted)
-0.05 per topic

Goldins for Deleted Forum Reply
(Again, if you are replying to a topic in the forum and it doesn’t fall under the Forum Guidelines, your reply can and will be deleted)
-0.05 per reply

Wall Post Removed
(Every time you post inappropriate content on your wall (profile) it will be deleted)
-0.05 per post

Goldins for Leaving Friendship
(If you loose a friend or unfriend somebody you will loose goldins)
-0.05 a friend

Goldins for Deleted Group
(If you create an unappropriated group, it will be deleted)
-1 per group

Leaving Groups
(When you decide to leave a group)
-0.05 each time per group



Let’s say “Alex” Just signed up today for a free account on ChatAndGames (+10) and he wants a membership for one of his favorite games and he wants it as fast as he can get it, but he doesn’t want to pay for it. So the free CAG Shop is the answer to his problem then he realizes that he needs goldins to get what he wants.

  • So he starts by changing his Avatar (profile picture) +1 goldins
  • He post something on his wall +1
  • He checks out some of the posts on the site +3
  • He adds useful and meaningful comments to those posts +6
  • He replies to the “Introduce Yourself” forum +0.25
  • A few People Favorited his reply +3
  • Hi Posts a new discussion topic about his game +1
  • The topic seems interesting and people is checking it out +30
  • His topic gests favorited a few times +10

His goldins balance so far: 65 goldins

So that seems to be a successful way to earn goldins but it could take days to earn a decent amount of goldins that way so he’s smart enough to become a contributor right away to benefit from those residual incoming goldins every day.

  • He managed to create 2 useful posts +4 
  • People liked and comment on his two posts +35
  • Makes a gallery of at least 10 pictures +2
  • People likes his gallery +10
  • Makes a Video about his favorite game +5
  • People like his video +50

His goldins balance so far: 63 + 106 = 171 goldins

OK so He’s done everything he can think of to make some goldins and he’s running out of ideas so he heads over the menu tabs and finds that under the Crowns Systems tab there are these two hidden treasures, the Goldins lotto and the Goldin Rush.

-He dash in and get some entries for the upcoming goldins lotto drawing, he could win up to 300 goldins and even if he doesn’t win he can trade those entries for tokens to use in the Wishing Well from which he can get anything between 10 to 80 goldins in one single pop!.

Alex is not too much of a gambler so he doesn’t buy some extra goldins lotto entries from the free shop.

So He now tries the Goldin Rush, -He notices there are two links so he checks them out, some are surveys but he hates those dang things so he looks and hopes he can find something else; and he sees that he can complete short 2 minutes forms for a whooping 20 goldins each; – he grows with excitement!

He also noticed he can try out new games on his computer for 36 freaking goldins!; -This must be my lucky day he says.

  • So he completes a few short forms  +80
  • He doesn’t want to spend too much time so he only tries two games +72
  • His luck was against him so he didn’t win the Goldins Lotto +0
  • His used lotto entries turned into tokens that can be used in the Wishing Well so he tries it out and got some goldins out of it +40

Alex’s Goldins Balance: 171 + 192 = 363 goldins

He’s jumping and laughing all the way to the Free Shop and he finally gets his Membership for his favorite game and he even got some goldins left.

Please note: this example was based on only two posts, a video and a gallery in less than an hour of work, imagine what you can do with 4 posts 2 Videos and a Gallery in 3 days!


It shouldn’t take longer than a week to get something from the free shop, that is if you really want it like Alex in our example above.

And there you have it, all 37 different ways to earn goldins on ChatAndGames.

I hope you guys enjoyed this reading and please leave your comments and suggestions down below.

Feel free to contact us anytime: Nofear418, BiosTerminator

Written by: Nofear418

nofear418 is a passionate gamer. loves wizard101 and knows everything there is to know about it. writes informative posts to help you with your quests in the spiral.If you have questions or need help, she is the one to come to for help.And if you need help you can find her on here or in the spiral usually in wu realm in the commons. for help, private message her on here or look for her in the spiral.

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