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May 1, 2015

Latest And Most Recent News on Wizard101

Yo what’s up everyone? How’s your day going? I hope you are hyped up for the Goldins Lotto, am I right? So I’m here to tell you about the latest news on….Wizard101! Let’s start with the topic of…EASTER!!!

Easter: The Holiday of Happiness

Why did I say “Easter is a holiday of happiness” even though Christmas is also a holiday of happiness. Its because the Spring Hare Mounts are coming BACK!!!:


So cool right? You can also get these adorable mounts for FREE? Yeah you can farm for these mounts from specific mounts….here’s the list of bosses you can farm for these [...]

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May 1, 2015

Wizard101: The unknown feature of item stitching!

Item stitching! Yay! The thing no one in any country ever has ever heard of! So i hope you all have understanded now that this post will be a guide to WHAT item stitching is, HOW to do it, and WHY you should do it. It will allow you to be both cool AND have good stats at the sime time!

So, first of all, i am gonna quickly explain what item stitching is and why anyone would do it. Basically stitching an item is putting another item’s stats onto another item, if that makes any sense. For example, you get an extremely cool helmet as a boss drop. However it would not be smart to equip it because it has badder stats than the one you currently have equipped. PROBLEM SOLVED! [...]

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Apr 25, 2015

Critical Free Crowns System Update 04/25/2015

Hello guys,

BiosTerminator Here,

Just to let you know that due to some recent events we had to update the Wizar101 Free Crowns System.

A lot of people is taking the system rules lightly and they’re submitting unuseful and nonsense comments just to get goldins. This is not allowed by the How to earn goldins guide and it will affect your balance at the time of any purchase from any of the items in the Wizard101 free shop.

As you all know, at the time you submit an order for crowns, memberships or any item for that matter; your account is put in a magnifying glass by the system and anything that’s not approved by the How to earn goldins guide will [...]

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Apr 21, 2015

Goldins Lotto Drawing #15

Welcome you our 15th goldins lotto drawing.

This time the winner gets 150 goldins.

juku (sokkpro)

With a total of 22 entries WON ₢150 goldins

juku’s goldins balance has been updated to reflect the 150 goldins addition.

All entries have been reset and it’s now time to hit that wishing well.

Don’t forget to congratulate the winner in the comments section below. And remember that next week it could be you the one who gets away with 150 goldins or more.

Play The Goldins Lotto NOW!
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